The user who configures, manages, or uses the switch can change the password. To ensure security, DAYOU NETWORKS recommends to regularly change the password.
To change the password or user privilege level, use the following commands in the Config mode:

Step Command Purpose
1 configure terminal Enters the Global Configuration mode.
2 username user-name level {config | enable | normal} Sets the user level.
<user-name>User ID
3 username user-name password [8] password Changes the user password.
<user-name> User ID.
This command is used to enter eight characters of the encrypted password.
<password> New Password.
4 end Enters the Privileged Exec Enable mode.
5 show username Verifies the registered users.

A password can be made up of numbers, English characters, and special characters. DAYOU NEWTWORKS recommends not to use the password the same as user ID.
The following example shows how to change a user ID and password.
Switch # configure terminal
Switch (config)# username test level config
Switch (config)# username test password system
Switch (config)# end
Switch # show username
The following example shows how to log in the switch after changing the password.
Login : test
Password :system
Switch > enable
Switch #